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Bubble and Foam Packaging

Efficient Bubble Wrap® Packing, Foam Packaging Materials Supplies

anti static Bubble Wrap®, foam packaging material, expanding foam packaging systemMaine Shipping takes pride in supplying the packaging needs for customers in a wide variety of industries. We offer a vast inventory of cushioning products such as Bubble Wrap® and packaging foam, as well as a long list of alternative packaging items, to cushion and protect even the most fragile items. We are committed to the protection of your shipping contents on their journey. At Maine Shipping we want to help make sure that the shipping and protection of your items is both efficient and stress free. We guarantee that our Bubble Wrap®, foam packaging and additional packaging supplies will deliver the peace of mind you can only find in reliable protection. No matter the size, shape or weight of your items we have the ideal cushioning solution for you.

How do I choose the right cushioning item?
Bubble Wrap® and packaging foam are two of the most popular and reliable ways to safely package items. You may be wondering whether foam packaging or Bubble Wrap® is the best cushioning product for your shipping task at hand.

Here are some helpful benefits to help you decide:
  • Bubble Wrap® - Bubble Wrap® is a first-rate cushioning and void fill. This will protect against shock, abrasion and vibration. Anti-static Bubble Wrap® will additionally provide static protection making this an excellent choice for electronic items.

  • Foam Cushioning - Foam cushioning is both shock absorbent and exceptional for protecting delicate items. This packaging selection provides light cushioning, surface protection and it's moisture resistant. Perforated air foam is non-abrasive and additionally keeps the shipping contents clean and mark free.

Please feel free to check our catalog for specific foam packing and Bubble Wrap® selections. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is on hand to listen to your specific packaging needs and help determine the ideal cushioning solution.

For every shipping need there is an ideal cushioning solution. While Foam packaging and Bubble Wrap® each have a wide range of uses you will find a list below offering additional cushioning products suitable for more detailed shipping needs. You can also find each of these products in our catalog.

Bogus Paper Rolls

  • Bogus kraft paper is made from a combination of recycled fibers and newsprint. This is a very soft and economical fill.

Cellulose Wadding

  • Cellulose wadding easily wraps and shape. Due to the multi layers cellulose wadding easily absorbs oil and water. This choice is non-abrasive and can be re-used and recycled.

Waxed Paper

  • Waxed paper protects from oil, grease and moisture. This is light weight and offers non-abrasive protection.

Butcher Paper

  • This strong, white, all-purpose paper can be used for sandwiches, lunchmeat, plants and floral arrangements. It's also a very economical solution for disposable table covers.

Freezer Paper Rolls

  • These paper rolls will protect the contents for up to one year.bubble packaging, wrap rolls, foam Bubble Wrap®, custom foam packaging,cushioning systems, Bubble Wrap® for sale

VCI Paper

  • This is an excellent choice for wrapping metal parts or surfaces. VCI paper continuously vaporizes creating an environment that blocks rust, corrosion and oxidation.

Single Faced Corrugated Rolls

  • This is flexible and conforms to all shapes and sizes

Cohesive Single Face Rolls

  • With this you can make your own custom box for non-fragile items without tape or glue. The cohesive single face rolls sticks to itself, not to your items.

Wrapping Tissue

  • Wrapping tissue easily crumples for packing into small cartons and mailers. This is a perfect wrapping solution for glass or other fragile items.
  • For a more decorative look to enhance the appearance of your item select from one of our many wrapping tissue colors. Our colored wrapping tissue is bleed-free and guaranteed not to fade.

Time Saving Cushioning Systems

  • AIRplus� air pillows conform to the weight and shape of an object, supporting and cushioning against vibration and shock, making them highly effective in a wide variety of applications.
  • AIRplus� machines from Storopack are easily tailored to individual requirements, providing the perfect solution that integrates effortlessly into any packaging line. Fast, compact and portable, AIRplus machines are extremely easy to operate and their small footprints and large production capacities fit easily into any packaging environment , regardless of volumes.
  • PAPERplus� Cushioning Pads are ultra-strong paper mattresses produced from our PAPERplus Classic machines which provide the bulk and durability needed to absorb, cushion and protect heavy, fragile or awkward items.
  • The PAPERplus� Shooter is a high-speed paper dispensing system that produces economical multi-layered void-fill from single-ply paper.
BUBBLE WRAP® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US)

For additional available cushioning systems items please feel free to contact customer service.
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