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Filament Tape

3M Filament Tapes

Shipping and Packaging Filament Tape

At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we also offer a varied selection of filament tapes. In addition to being strong, filament tape is also flexible and is ideal for bundling shipments to save money on freight. Filament tape is reinforced with glass filaments to add strength while preserving resiliency. Strong adhesive filament tape holds products together better than string or twine and is great for sealing packages as well. We also offer paper backed filament tape, which features the strength of filament tape with the added benefit of being able to write on it.

We are happy to offer our customers the following grades of filament tape:

  • General Grade Filament Tape
  • Medium Grade Filament Tape
  • Paper Backed Filament Tape
  • Premium Grade Filament
  • Utility Grade Filament Tape
  • 3M Economy Filament Tape
  • 3M Standard Filament Tape
  • 3M Industrial Filament Tape
  • 3M High Performance Filament Tape
  • 3M Bi-Directional Filament Tape
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