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About Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply -
Located in Portland Maine, we have made it our commitment for over 30 years to offer our customers quality shipping supplies and packaging equipment and supplies. With our experience as a packaging and shipping supplies wholesaler, we have had the opportunity to learn what our customers really need. When depending on Maine Shipping and Packaging supply you will not only get the dependable packaging and shipping supplies that you need but you will get them quickly and at a competitive price. We are proud to model our business around providing not only quality and value but peace of mind and an exceptional customer service experience.

Anti-Static Bags -
At Maine Shipping and Packaging we understand that many customers in a variety of industries require extra protection for their products-protection that goes beyond standard storage and shipping bags.

Catalog -
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460 Riverside St.
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Corrugated Boxes -
At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we are happy to admit that we have your interests in mind. Our wide variety of wholesale corrugated boxes and custom corrugated boxes are ideal for the shipping and packaging needs of nearly every industry.

Cushioning Products and Systems -
We offer a vast inventory of cushioning products such as Bubble Wrap® and packaging foam, as well as a long list of alternative packaging items, to cushion and protect even the most fragile items.

Filament Tape -
At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we also offer a varied selection of filament tapes. In addition to being strong, filament tape is also flexible and is ideal for bundling shipments to save money on freight.

Industrial Tape -
At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we like to take every caution and cover every aspect of packaging and protecting your products. We understand that your customers have more important things to think about than wondering if their product is safe.

Janitorial Supplies -
With over 25 years in the industry we are proud to be your foremost distributor for janitorial supplies. From our years of experience we truly understand what our customers want, and require, when it comes to both janitorial supplies and commercial janitorial supplies.

Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply, Home -
Packaging and Shipping SuppliesMaine Shipping and Packaging Supply is a full service supplier of shipping and packaging supplies and equipment with over 25 years of experience. We are dedicated to supplying the shipping and packaging supplies and equipment that will ensure both the protection of packages and the peace of mind of our customers throughout the United States. We hope that our customers will take advantage of our extremely wide variety of quality products that will deliver value and protection while remaining cost efficient. When our robust selection of packaging supplies is combined with excellent sales and service customers will always find the shipping supplies required for their needs.

Paper Tape -
Another variety of tape we offer our customers is reliable, strong and cost efficient paper tape. Paper tape is extra strong due to fiberglass yarns which are strategically bonded between sheets of paper, providing an even higher level of strength and durability while remaining flexible. Water activated paper tape is ideal for fast permanent adhesion and is not affected by hot or cold temperatures.

Plastic Strapping -
In an effort to offer our customers an even higher level of safety, security and peace of mind we are happy to feature sturdy and reliable Plastic Strapping that is manufactured to deliver consistent quality.

Polyethylene Bags -
At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we also carry a wide variety of polyethylene bags to help make shipping and storage more efficient and practical while giving you less to worry about.

Reclosable Bags -
Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply is proud to provide customers with high quality reclosable bags and reclosable storage bags that are not only reliable but cost efficient as well.

Shipping Bags and Envelopes -
To suit the shipping and packaging applications of customers in a wide variety of industries, Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply provides customers with reliable and dependable shipping bags and padded shipping envelopes. Our polyethylene shipping bags and padded shipping envelopes save you money while providing the peace of mind that you can only find with dependable protection.

Shrink Wrap -
Bags Boxes Tapes and Strapping Equipment for Shipping and PackagingIn our constant effort to provide our customers with the products and equipment needed to ensure safe and secure shipping, we are happy to offer a wide variety of dependable and cost efficient shrink wrap.

Stretch Wrap -
At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we want to provide our customers with every method of ensuring the safety of their products, short of delivering them ourselves. Due to this commitment, we offer numerous varieties of plastic stretch wrap and stretch film to help support, secure and protect not just your product, but your investment.
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