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Paper Tape and Printed Tape

Packaging and Shipping Paper Tape

Paper Tape and Printed tapeAnother variety of tape we offer our customers is reliable, strong and cost efficient paper tape. Paper tape is extra strong due to fiberglass yarns which are strategically bonded between sheets of paper, providing an even higher level of strength and durability while remaining flexible. Water activated paper tape is ideal for fast permanent adhesion and is not affected by hot or cold temperatures. In addition, paper tape is bio-degradable and completely recyclable. We also offer non-reinforced light, medium and heavy duty paper gum tape which is ideal for sealing inner packing and light cartons.
  • Industrial Reinforced Paper Tape
  • Central Reinforced Paper Tape with patented starch based adhesive
  • Printed Reinforced Tape
  • GSO Light-Duty Paper Gum Tape (Water activated non-reinforced tape)
  • Medium Duty Paper Gum Tape (Water activated non-reinforced tape)
  • Heavy-Duty Paper Gum Tape (Water activated non-reinforced tape)
Printed Packaging Paper Tape and Printed Tape, Reinforced Paper Tape, Packaging Tape

Printed Tape

When it comes to sealing packages it's often a pain to add extra labels detailing handling information. Printed tape is the perfect way to save time by eliminating the need for extra labels while sealing your packages at the same time. Take advantage of our quality printed tape and save both time and money.

Other Packaging and Shipping Tapes We Offer:

Industrial tape, carton sealing tape, filament tape, paper tape, and printed tape are only a few of the varieties of tape that we offer. Our complete selection of tape includes varieties such as:

  • 3M 600 Scotch brand transparent tape
  • 3M 610 Scotch brand cellophane tape
  • 3M 665 Scotch brand double sided tape (permanent)
  • 3M 810 Scotch brand magic tape (permanent)
  • 3M 811 Scotch brand magic tape (removable)
  • 3M Polyurethane double sided black foam tape
  • 3M Polyurethane double sided foam squares
  • 3M Stretchable tape
  • Adhesive transfer tape
  • Aluminum foil tape
  • Barricade tape
  • Carton sealing tape
  • Double sided masking tape
  • Doubles sided film tape
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Filament tape
  • Flat back tape
  • Label protection tape
  • Masking tape
Questions about paper tapes and printed tapes
  • Paper gum tape
  • Polyethylene double sided foam tape
  • Pouch tape
  • Reinforced paper gum tape
  • Tape dispensers
  • Teflon tape
  • Tensilized polypropylene strapping tape
  • VHBtape
  • Vinyl safety tape
  • And more!

For more information on the tape that we have to offer please don't hesitate to call 800.639.6068 or take a look at our shipping and packaging supplies catalog.
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