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Polyethylene Plastic Bags

Clear Plastic Polyethylene Bags for Packaging and Shipping

Polyethylene Bags, Industrial Poly BagsAt Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we also carry a wide variety of polyethylene bags to help make shipping and storage more efficient and practical while giving you less to worry about. Polyethylene is a plastic substance with a high tensile strength and excellent protective quantities that make it an ideal material for storage and shipping. Nearly every type of industry makes use of poly bags in one form or another. With over 60 millions tons of polyethylene produced around the world every year and over half of all film manufactured in polyethylene, the efficiency and practicality of poly bags and other polyethylene products is clear. All of our bags are available in various gauges and dimensions, are FDA approved for direct contact with food and feature fantastic tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water resistance. In addition, polyethylene bags are also resistant to a wide range of caustic compounds.

Poly Plastic bags, Polyethylene Storage Bags

Depend on Superior Polyethylene Bags

In the most demanding industrial, shipping and storage applications our polyethylene bags can be depended on to offer superior thickness, seals and durability. Rely on our wide selection of high quality polyethylene bags and remember that it is our commitment to deliver you the quality and peace of mind that you're looking for.

We offer bags in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 6 mil, these thicknesses are ideal for a number of uses:
  • 1 mil bags are generally ideal for economical packaging and the storage and protection of lightweight products

  • 1.5 and 2 mil bags are the common thickness used for storing, displaying, and shipping a wide variety of items. 1.5 and 2 mil polyethylene bags are the all-purpose poly bag

  • 3 mil and 4 mil polyethylene bags are considered heavy-duty and are generally used when protecting and covering heavy, rough and sharp items

  • 6 mil bags are the thickest bags we offer and offer protection and puncture resistance to accommodate the heaviest products

Our wide variety of wholesale poly bags give you storage options such as:

  • Crystal clear flat polypropylene bags
  • Double track and single track reclosable polyethylene bags
  • Industrial reclosable polyethylene bags
  • MINI-GRIP polyethylene bags with heavy duty zipper
  • Polyethylene bags with hang holes
  • Polyethylene bags with white block for labeling
  • Polyethylene tubing to cut custom sized poly bags
  • Slide seal polyethylene bags
  • More shipping and packaging supplies

If you have any questions regarding our polyethylene bags, please take a look at our shipping and packaging supplies catalog and never hesitate to give us a call at 800.639.6068.
Polyethylene Bags
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