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Shipping Bags and Envelopes

Plastic Bags and Envelopes for Packaging and Shipping

Wholesale shipping plastic bags and envelopesTo suit the shipping and packaging applications of customers in a wide variety of industries, Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply provides customers with reliable and dependable shipping bags and padded shipping envelopes. Our polyethylene shipping bags and padded shipping envelopes save you money while providing the peace of mind that you can only find with dependable protection.

Our extremely diverse selection of shipping bags and shipping envelopes includes:

  • Bubble lined poly mailers
  • Bubble mailers
  • Corrugated envelopes
  • Jiffy Rigi bag mailers
  • Nylon reinforced mailers to resist tearing during shipment (available Gusseted)
  • Padded mailers
  • 100% recycled bubble mailersShipping and Packaging Envelopes and Plastic Bags
  • Paper bags
  • Paper envelopes
  • Poly mailers with high strength seams
  • Bubble lined poly mailers
  • Side loading bubble lined poly shipping bags
  • Clear view poly envelopes
  • Ship-Lite envelopes manufactured with white paper reinforced with mesh screen poly fibers to help keep contents clean and dry
  • Stayflat Mailers to prevent bending and crushing
  • TYVEK Envelopes with superior tear, puncture, and moisture resistance that are 10 times stronger than regular paper envelopes

Our shipping bags and shipping envelopes offer a wide variety of features to ensure
superior protection such as:

  • Interior fibers that expand as package is handled in order to provide consistent cushioning
  • Light weights to save on postage
  • No stick bubble lining to easily and safely package products
  • Puncture and moisture resistance
  • Puncture, tamper and tear resistance
  • Self sealing adhesive to save time without sacrificing protection
  • Shipping bags requiring no additional protective wraps
  • Shipping bags with bend resistance
  • White shipping bags for an impressive appearance
  • ... and more shipping and packaging supplies
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