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Plastic Strapping and Tools

Reliable Plastic Strapping for Packaging and Shipping

Plastic strapping tools for shipping and packagingIn an effort to offer our customers an even higher level of safety, security and peace of mind we are happy to feature sturdy and reliable plastic strapping that is manufactured to deliver consistent quality. In addition to polypropylene strapping and polyethylene strapping we also offer shipping strapping tools such as economy, heavy duty, deluxe heavy duty, and ribbon wound strapping carts as well as machine polypropylene strapping.

Hand Polypropylene Strapping

Hand polypropylene strapping is perfect for general shipping applications due to exceptional weather resistance, split resistance, durability and ease of use. Our polypropylene plastic strapping is also safe to use and devoid of sharp edges.

Hand polypropylene strapping is available in a variety of configurations, including embossed as well as smooth plastic strapping. Embossed shipping strapping is available in dimensions of 16x6 and 8x8 with widths of �", 5/8" and �". Smooth plastic strapping is available with dimensions of 16x6 and widths of 7/16" and �".

Machine Polypropylene Strapping

We offer machine polypropylene strapping to suit applications involving large numbers of packages and repeatability. Our machine plastic strapping is great for automatic arch type and semi-automatic tabletop strapping machines and is available in dimensions of 8x8 and 9x8 and widths of �", 3/8" and �".

Shipping strapping tool

Steel Strapping

Not only do we carry polypropylene and polyethylene strapping, but we also supply customers with steel strapping to protect heavy shipments. Our line of steel packaging strapping offers regular duty as well as high tensile steel strapping; both are sold by the coil. Regular duty steel strapping is available in widths of 1/2", 5/8", and �" while high tensile steel strapping is available in �", 5/8", � and 1 � ". We also carry all of the tools and seals necessary for steel Plastic Strapping applications.

Hand Polyester Strapping

As a non-corrosive and economical alternative to steel strapping, we carry hand polyester strapping that is tested to retain its tension longer than other types of packaging strapping used for medium and heavy duty applications. Polyester packaging strapping is available in dimensions of 16x3 and 16x6 with widths of �" and 5/8" and requires serrated or sandpaper seals. We carry all of the tools needed for polyester strapping applications.

For more information on our shipping strapping productsp please take a look at our Shipping and Packaging Supply Online Product Catalog or call us at 800.639.6068.
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