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Plastic Stretch Film and Wrap

Secure and Safe Shipping and Packaging with Stretch Wraps and Plastic Stretch Film

At Maine Shipping and Packaging Supply we want to provide our customers with every method of ensuring the safety of their products, short of delivering them ourselves. Due to this commitment, we offer numerous varieties of plastic stretch wrap and stretch film to help support, secure and protect not just your product, but your investment.

Our varieties of plastic stretch wrap and stretch film include:

  • Bundling Stretch Film
  • Extended Core Stretch Film
  • Goodwrappers Stretch Film
  • Hand Stretch Film
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Stretch Film Dispensers
  • Stretch Film Machines
  • Stretch Netting

Hand Stretch WrapFor applications in warehouses, our machine stretch film is an ideal way to save time and money while ensuring the safety of your products. We offer both cast and blown machine stretch film. Both varieties can be used on any stretch film machine and are available in the sizes to suit your specific needs.

Smooth and Quiet Cast Machine Stretch Film

Cast machine stretch film is not only ultra clear to enable the readability of barcodes but it comes off the roll smoothly and quietly to reduce excess noise in your warehouse. Our premium cast machine stretch film is also resilient and strong enough to stretch up to 250% and is a perfect stretch wrap solution for uniform loads. Blown machine stretch film is strong and puncture resistant with excellent cling properties to secure irregular loads. In addition, blown machine stretch film also has exceptional cling properties to guarantee that the film will only stick to itself and not to your products.

Cast and Blown Hand Stretch Wrap

Our hand stretch wrap is also available in both cast and blown varieties, allowing you to choose which stretch film will benefit your applications the most. We carry hand stretch wrap in multiple varieties including, cast hand stretch film, anti-static cast hand stretch film, colored cast hand stretch film, blown hand stretch film, blown micron hand stretch film, cast micron hand stretch film, and black blown hand stretch film. Our diverse selection of hand stretch wrap provides a level of security for every kind of shipment. For instance, colored cast hand stretch film is perfect for inventory control, carrier identification, and to call attention to shipments while black stretch film is ideal for outdoor storage or international shipments. We also offer extended core stretch film with an extended tube to eliminate the need for a dispenser.

Stretch Wrap and Stretch Film

Goodwrappers Stretch Film

We feature Goodwrappers stretch film. Goodwrappers stretch film includes a patented dispenser which provides an incredible level of tension control. This high level of tension control allows for maximum film stretch to save you money by using film as efficiently as possible. Our selection of highly portable Goodwrappers are ready to use right out of the box and are available with premium stretch film, economy cast stretch film, colored cast stretch film, black UVI stretch film (to conceal shipments and secure outdoor storage), bundling film, and preprinted stretch film to eliminate the need for labels. We also feature stretch netting, which is perfect for shipping loads which require even ventilation and no condensation. Our entire selection of hand stretch wrap is available in a variety of sizes.

For more information on our stretch wrap please look at our shipping and packaging supplies catalog, call us at 800.639.6068.
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